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Types Of Van Security Locks Your Way To Success

Van security locks are essential in preventing thefts and guaranteeing the security and safety of your cargo. A good quality lock can stop thieves from prying open the door of your driver and leaving you with a vacant area to load. This kind of security is vital when it comes to stolen goods since thieves can bypass the immobiliser through the OBD socket and drive away in your vehicle. This article will discuss a few different types of van locks and the reasons why you should look into installing them on your vehicle.

Stainless steel slam locks

A slam lock will dramatically lower the possibility of your van being unlocked. The slam lock operates in conjunction with the current locking mechanism, providing one line of defense against attackers. This van security option is extremely effective since deadlocks are difficult to pick from the interior. Slam locks are the ideal choice for couriers.

Secure expensive tools with stainless steel lock slams. These deadlocks are compatible with vans and can be installed by an Birmingham locksmith for a price of around PS130. Prices for van security items vary by location so it’s a good idea for you to inquire about costs in your area. serrurier brumay:

It is vital to choose the appropriate lock for your van to stop burglaries. While the majority of van security measures make it easier for thieves to avoid getting into your vehicle however, installing a deadlock may reduce your insurance premiums. Some insurance companies consider the installation of a security lock for a van as a modification and will raise the price accordingly. If you’re not sure of the correct type of lock for your van, make sure you speak to your insurance provider.

Catalytic converter locks

One of the most effective ways to protect against theft is to install catalytic converter locks on your van. This kind of lock is usually made of aluminum or steel and can be fitted to vans with an easy key. It is possible to buy catalytic converters for as little as PS2,000. LCVs are fitted with simple four bolt security that can be stolen. To remove the catalytic converter, thieves could make use of battery-powered tools.

A ‘CATClamp’, or ‘CAT GuardKit is another alternative. These kits let you emboss a unique code in the metal and put an alert sticker on the window of your van. This will protect your spare tire and deter thieves. These products can be costly to run an entire van fleet. However, they are much cheaper than replacing the catalytic converters that were stolen and paying high insurance premiums.

You can also label the converter to discourage thieves, and also installing catalytic converter locks to your van. This is especially crucial if you have precious metals in your van like gold or silver. It is recommended to call the police if you suspect that your van has been stolen. There are online forms available to report the theft of catalytic converters. Be sure to collect as much information as you can before declaring the theft to the police.

Hook lock

Whether you are resecuring your shed, van or other storage space, the best security lock can make the difference. Hook lock locks are a popular choice. They are easy to install and require just six holes for pins and two fixing bolts to ensure an ensconced hold. The locks are designed to stop opportunistic thieves They also work in deterring vandals and burglars.

Hook locks are the most popular of van security locks, with the 12mm laminated bolt as well as the hook that measures 20mm. These locks can be operated with just one key, so that van owners can use the same key to all locks at once. Furthermore, hook locks have unique features that protect against burglars and pickpockets who may try to interfere with van locks. If you have to leave the security of your van to someone else, the hook lock may be the right choice.

Hook locks are among the most popular van security locks. Hook locks are typically more difficult to pick or disarm than other locks. These locks can also withstand the crowbars attack, which is an extremely common tool used by thieves. High-quality hook locks also protect against attacks by pickaxes, drills and other tools. Request a free guide to choose the best van security lock.

British Standard Deadlocks

British Standard Deadlocks are a great option to protect your vehicle from thieves. These locks feature a key operated mechanism and are installed to the door with an attached body panel. They prevent the use locks by bypassing the central locking system and offer excellent physical protection against attack by force. Van deadlocks can be used to enhance the security of vans because they stop unauthorized access to the load area.

The deadlock cylinder serves as an aesthetic deterrent that provides physical security. It comes with a top-quality UV-treated black plastic escutcheon which is affixed to the cylinder. Both are Thatcham-approved and are a top option for van security. The Ingersoll London Nightlatch is a Patent-protected, British Standard-approved locking system. The system features an integrated Cylinder with patented technology, that incorporates Mul-Tlock, an interactive lock.

The British Standard Deadlock is ideal for external doors. It comes with a steel case with an anti-drill plating integrated. There is also an brass deadbolt as well as two steel inserts that are hardened. Two genuine plated steel keys are included with the lock. The British Standard Deadlock has a 30 minute fire rating. This means that the van’s security won’t be compromised in case of an attack. If your vehicle is used for mobile van security lock fitting transporting large quantities of goods, British Standard Deadlocks make a great choice for van security.


If you’re in the market for a new van lock or you’re looking for a simple upgrade, Replocks are a fantastic method to increase the security of your vehicle. Replocks van security locks replace the door lock that was factory-fitted with a security lock of high-security. Replocks also come with security keys, making it more difficult for thieves to break into your vehicle. These locks offer a number of advantages over standard locks, with anti-picking capabilities, as well as protection.

Hook locks are a high-security locking device that is connected to the opposite body section and is operated by an external key. This lock is perfect for applications where the driver can be assured of the safety of the vehicle. This prevents thieves using an OBD socket to bypass the immobiliser. This means that thieves cannot steal your van and get away with the contents. This will ensure that they do not cause damage to your business.

Another option is a slam locking, which replaces the handle on the door of the van. These security locks for vans are the most popular type that you can install one in your van. These van security locks work well for couriers, as they keep non-authorized people from opening the doors. These locks can be secured by closing the door. This makes them difficult to pick from the inside. Installation of a slam locks will cost about PS130 but prices can vary based on your van’s model and make.


The Armaplate vehicle lock protection system is among the most efficient lock protection systems available that are available. It protects against theft and damage to commercial vehicles that are light in weight. The Armaplate system is a reliable deterrent to thieves, who need only a screwdriver to break in and take the vehicle. The Armaplate Sentinel van security lock in Birmingham is the best van security solution. The Armaplate Sentinel van security lock in Birmingham is extremely efficient in preventing thefts of vehicles.

The security device is constructed of stainless steel that prevents thieves from cutting through the van security locks Near Me‘s bodywork. It also serves as a permanent repair following a burglary. Other security tools that are beneficial to protect your van’s locks include the ProtektaPlate and the ProPlate. The HandleGuard lock is designed to stop thieves from getting into the handle release of your interior. These van security devices are an excellent investment.

The Armaplate van security locks aren’t compatible with windows in panel windows, unlike other van security options. The stainless steel exterior plate has threaded studs that are on the reverse side that go through the doorksin, and van security locks near Me through the steel backing-plate. The slim profile of the Armaplate van security lock stops it from damaging the doorskin. Since the armaplate does not have moving parts, it is simple to install.

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