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The Small Enterprise Top 25 Entrepreneurship School Awards are presented each year by Aspire Media Pvt Ltd to colleges or universities in recognition of bold and innovative programs that make an impact in the field of entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurial (academic and vocational) schools across India will be selected at national level for their entrepreneurial vision and outstanding implementation of entrepreneurship education programs.

Objective: The Small Enterprise Top 25 Entrepreneurship School Awards is a national and Indian recognition of the best schools in entrepreneurship education.

Criteria: To be eligible for The Small Enterprise Entrepreneurship School Awards, schools must:

  • Affiliation/Accreditation
  • Qualifications & Experience of Faculty
  • Extra-Curriculum Activities
  • Infrastructure
  • Innovation in teaching methodology
  • Sustainability of the green initiatives
  • Entrepreneurship education activities include most of the teachers and the students
  • The school has a vision and a plan for entrepreneurship education
  • There are specific recourses allocated to entrepreneurship education
  • The school has actively supported teachers’ continuing professional development and training within entrepreneurship education
  • How the school includes the local community and business sector in the activities
  • The school can prove a measurable impact on students by integrating entrepreneurship education in the curriculum
  • The school implements state of the art technology (4.0, simulators, ICT enhanced learning, social media, online collaboration, other digital tools, etc.)
  • Schools that have supported their student Startups to successfully incubated, mentored and launched their business Idea with possible fund raising activities.

Prize: The best school in will be named as “Small Enterprise TOP Entrepreneurship School of the Year 2021” 

Who can apply and how: Any college / university / academy / private institutions having Entrepreneurship course in their curriculum can apply on or before 08 November 2021. You can apply online here.

School must be able to demonstrate the impact of entrepreneurship education on its students as well as in an innovative and collaborative way.

Selection Process


To recognize new methods, perspective and techniques in the teaching of Entrepreneurship.
To recognize the best School that educates the indispensable role family businesses play in the Indian economy and help the student’s understand the importance of family businesses that exchange best practices and analyse the economic backdrop.
An overall strategic initiative by the Entrepreneurship Schools to encourage, reward, and provide Scholars who demonstrate an emerging record of scholarship with the potential to make innovative and impactful contributions to the body of entrepreneurship research at an Institution.
An incubator at institutions managed well and helped student startups successfully launch their ideas to reality
The best Entrepreneurship School in overall service provided to students 
The best Entrepreneurship School in overall service provided to students – chosen based on ranking methodology.


Last date for submitting the nomination for is 08 November 2021

Entry and Participation

  • Entries may be completed online on our website here and submitted on or before 08 November 2021
Small Enterprise Magazine

Top 25 Entrepreneurship Schools

Why an Entrepreneurship Course?

SMALL ENTERPRISE INDIA has been publishing the monthly magazine since December 2012. Has successfully completed 9 years of the Magazine and 12 years of the leading SME Educational portal’s publishing – www.smallenterpriseindia.com.

Nov’21 Issue Cover Story: Entrepreneurship Rising & TOP 25 Entrepreneurship Schools in India.

Over the years, there have been several attempts to define entrepreneurship. Indian entrepreneurs have had to struggle to create and grow their business ventures. The first-generation Indian entrepreneurs that have generated many employment opportunities and significant wealth. These success stories have encouraged a new breed of entrepreneurs, especially in the internet and e-commerce space. India requires Entrepreneurship education to strengthen Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Education strengthens the most important part of an entrepreneurial environment viz. culture or value. A recent study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) revealed that entrepreneurship education in academic curriculum is an important factor in encouraging effective youth entrepreneurship.

Hence, Small Enterprise Magazine publishes Cover Story on how entrepreneurship impacts the economic growth of the country and what are the struggles faced by entrepreneurs. The Magazine explains How an Entrepreneurship Course can help youth explore opportunities to learn from the professional world and thereby assist them in their entrepreneurial journey.

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SE Top E-School Awards 2021 

The Small Enterprise Top 25 Entrepreneurship School Awards 2021 are presented by Aspire Media Pvt Ltd, the publishers of the leading Small Business educational portal and the monthly magazine www.smallenterpriseindia.com / Small Enterprise Magazine.  The Small Enterprise Top 25 Entrepreneurship School Awards 2021 goes to Higher Secondary Schools, colleges or universities in recognition of bold and innovative programs that make an impact in the field of entrepreneurship education.

Aspire Media Pvt Ltd and its platform – Small Enterprise India, is an inclusive community that is proud to elevate entrepreneurship education by rewarding forward-thinking teaching, scholarship and practice. Each year, we accept nominations in four award categories. Beyond the category-specific requirements, discussed below, each application must include the following:

  • The name of the institution being nominated
  • The name of the person submitting the nomination (Head of the Institution)
  • A secondary contact person name (someone who can provide any additional materials if needed).
  • Secondary contact person email and contact no.
  • Secondary contact person phone number
  • all relevant document copies
  • Duly filled Nomination form to be submitted on or before 08 November 2021

Announcement of Winners: Winners are announced at the The Small Enterprise Top 25 Entrepreneurship School Awards 2021 evening organized on 25th November 2021. This will be a virtual award. Finalists will be informed well in advance. The Small Enterprise Top 25 Entrepreneurship Schools 2021 award recognize colleges and universities that provide comprehensive, bold, high quality educational programs that train future generations of entrepreneurs. The program must have an established record of accomplishment for a minimum of three years. This award category recognizes the comprehensiveness of a curricular program.

Application Criteria:

  1. Clearly communicate the purpose and/or mission of the nominated program.
  2. List the primary objectives of the program.
  3. Provide a brief description of the program. Include activities that provide evidence of the comprehensiveness of the program.
  4. Describe the team who work with this program.
  5. Describe boards, partner organizations, affiliates, etc., who connect the program to your larger community?
  6. Describe key program innovations and provide evidence of their impact on students, your campus, and/or your community. Include both short-term and long-term outcomes that have been achieved.
  7. Describe key program accomplishments over a duration of at least three years.
  8. Why do you believe this program deserves to be recognized as the winner of The Small Enterprise Top 25 Entrepreneurship School Awards 2021?
  9. Appendices: Upload items that best support your application.

You are encouraged to carefully select content that efficiently and effectively support your application.

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