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Little Known Ways To Which Van Security Locks Are Best

When you’re thinking about security for van security locks birmingham your van there are a few aspects to take into consideration. Locks that are high-position won’t work in vans with windows. British Standard deadlocks will work well in the event that your van is used for business needs. But which one is most suitable for you? Find out more here. We also offer tips and tricks for selecting the best lock for your van. So, whether you’re driving a van on reasons of pleasure or business, a good quality lock can make all the difference.


Replocks van security lock is a groundbreaking new system of locking for vehicles that replaces the factory-fitted door lock with a security lock. Replocks include security keys and add van security. The standard locks on vehicles are susceptible to lock picking and locking change. Replocks have anti-pick cylinders and van security lock an aluminum bezel that makes them harder to pick.

Replocks van security locks fitted in Birmingham are made of strong quality materials that are designed to prevent entry into a van. They are also easy to operate and a professional installation leaves no mess. They also install deadlocks on the doors of all vans they fit. The deadlocks will guarantee that your van is secure when they are put in place. Once they are installed, they will secure your van from theft and will prevent further damage.

A lot of vans are at risk of theft. Many vans are used by tradespeople who have expensive equipment and utilize them for their work. They could be more of an attack target for thieves than their vehicles. Replocks van security lock in Birmingham will safeguard your tools. They can also shut off the factory alarm. Replocks van security lock will safeguard your vehicle no matter who uses it. What are you putting off now? Get a quote today!

Slamlocks made of stainless steel

The stainless steel slam locks are the ideal solution for van owners looking to improve the security of their vehicle. Contrary to traditional door handles these locks replace them completely and are able to work with the existing locking mechanism to offer a double layer of security. In the end, van security lock they won’t be able to be accessed from the inside and keep thieves out if you leave your vehicle unattended. This kind of van lock was thoroughly tested to ensure that it can’t be easily accessed.

The deadlock is another type of van lock. This mechanical lock is typically 20mm to 50mm long and is designed to secure the van against theft. It stops thieves from opening the van with no key, and will not allow thieves to gain access to any valuable equipment within. You can also install deadlocks to protect your tools. For additional protection consider purchasing tools covers.

While installing a van lock will improve security for your vehicle, it is important to look into your insurance provider. Many insurance companies view installing a new lock on your van a “modification” and will charge higher insurance rates. It is important to consult your insurance provider prior to making any changes to your van. It is dependent on the location, your budget, and your requirements.

Hook lock

Retrofit is the most reliable company to install hook locks on your van. Retrofit uses the industry-leading Locks 4 Vans van security locks. The company, which is based out of Birmingham is ISO9001-certified, and has over 30 years of experience in the business. The company has an electronic deadlock on the door of the van, which activates a secure deadbolt across the door. The bolt measures 20mm to 50mm in diameter and can be operated with an external key with high-security.

Take into consideration the design of the doors of your van when choosing a hook lock. Some vans come with sliding doors while others have rear doors that are designed for deadlocks. Hook locks are best for applications that require an owner-driver, such as the driver of a delivery van who is reliable. Retrofit recommends the Hook Lock for both the side and rear doors.

Another option for security is the slamlock. These locks lock the door of the van automatically when it is closed. This removes the need for drivers to lock their van. To ensure safety while driving, van owners are able to install slamlocks on their doors. It also helps prevent the theft of the vehicle even if the driver is not present. It’s crucial to select Hook lock van security locks installed in Birmingham.

British Standard deadlocks

The British Standard is the minimum manufacturing standard for goods and services. Certain insurance companies will require that wooden doors have British Standard deadlocks as a part of their insurance requirements. Products with the British Standard Kitemark are considered high-quality. You can find British Standard deadlocks to secure your van in Birmingham in a wide range of businesses. Here are a few advantages of using British Standard deadlocks for your van.

Van deadlocks increase the security of a van by stopping common theft techniques. Since they do not have a spring mechanism, it’s virtually impossible to force the locks open. Only a key can open them. The deadlock stops thieves from trying to gain entry into vans. Van owners who want to protect their vehicles enjoy this benefit. However, van deadlocks might not be appropriate for vans that are not frequently used.

A security cage is an area inside the van that is secured. A security cage can occupy part of the floor space or completely fill a van. It increases security in the vehicle, and could help you get insurance at a lower cost. When choosing a lock, take into consideration the type of your vehicle, the location in which you typically operate, as well as your budget. For instance, if are in a busy area the slam lock may be the best choice.

L4V lock slamlocks

L4V slam locks for your van are a fantastic option if you’re worried about van security or theft. These locks lock the doors of your van when they are closed. Only the L4V Slamlock Key unlocks them. In addition to locking your doors, L4V slam locks also come with a replacement handle that is coated with powdered stainless steel.

L4V slamlocks for van doors are safer than deadlocks as they lock the door automatically after the door is shut. They are ideal for multi-drop deliveries or high-value items that require a driver to open them manually. These locks are also able to stop hijackers from using them as a weapon while driving. If you’re a motorist who is a driver, you shouldn’t be worried about being kidnapped.

L4V slam locks that fit your van are easy to install. They’re designed to replace the handles that came with your vehicle, and can are compatible with your existing door. Because they’re compatible with most existing models, you’ll have no trouble replacing them if you need to. You’ll be glad you did. So, why not now? Take advantage of the L4V slam locks for your van today.

Skeleton keys

You may not know that a lot of the tools used in these crimes are easily and legal when you have your van’s security locks set in Birmingham. Skeleton keys are keys that aren’t cylinders that have their parts cut off so that they can turn in a variety of locks. Skeleton keys can’t be legal to use in lever or cylinder locks however. Sliding grilles are made of steel and feature guides at the top and bottom of the vehicle, are gates made of steel. The sliding lever moves between the guides and then swings from the pivot. The spacer is utilized for making the key blade appear larger.

The most popular method for accessing unauthorized persons is the ‘peel-and steal method. Break-ins can happen in as little as 10 seconds. Van security locks in Birmingham can be used with most van brands. A garage that is specialized located in Birmingham will provide all the details you require. The company is ISO9001 certified and only uses high-quality items. Skeleton keys are available at a price as low as PS20

Skeleton keys don’t work with all types of window panels. Skeleton keys are only compatible for vehicles with windows panels, so they won’t work with high-position locks. If your van has windows, high-position locks aren’t an option. You might have to choose an alternative type of security lock. It’s best to take your van to an expert who is familiar with installing the correct lock.

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