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How To Guide To Nezuko Cosplay In 15 Minutes And Still Look Your Best

This article will provide you with all the details you need to make the perfect Nezuko costume. We’ve covered the Hemp leaf Kimono and the Haori, and nezuko dress the mouth guard. We’ll also go over how to get the best photos of your finished character. We’ll also cover the Mouth guard! What is the time to wait?! Get your hands on this essential cosplay item today!


If you’re thinking of doing a Haori Nezuko cosplay then you’re in the right spot! This guide will teach you how you can make an authentic Japanese costume, whether you are looking to be a cosplayer who wants to imitate the legendary witch or fan. This costume is based upon the traditional Japanese costumes worn by the heroine, and it’s easy to make one!


You can select the kimono of nezuko from various websites. There are a variety of options, including a basic white kimono that has a light pink lining, or an extravagant costume that includes the kimono, Pikapikacos an orange belt and obi. The kimono can be worn for everyday wear or as an appropriate costume for Pikapikacos cosplay.

Mouth guard

A mouth guard is necessary for anyone who plans to cosplay as Nezuko. This character is famous for her unique outfit. She is dressed in a light pink and nezuko costume checkered hanhaba obi, pikapikacos a long, brown haori and Zori sandals. In addition to her costume, she wears a bamboo gag that hides her mouth.

A Nezuko cosplay needs an oversized Hoodie that has the florals of the yukata. To complete the costume Low Cost Cosplay simply bent her back to pull her hoodie over her knees. Low Cost Cosplay used a toilet paper roll to create the mouthguard. For her hairstyle she employed strips of paper. The look was finished with leg warmers made from a DIY and modded sandals.

While Nezuko is a demon she has more human emotions than her fellow demons. She considers humans her family and is very protective of them. This mouthguard will let you look like a renowned character from the anime show, regardless of whether you’re an avid fan or not. Nezuko cosplay costumes can be an excellent way to get your friends and family to join you in your costume contest.

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