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Haven’t You Heard About The Recession: Topten Reasons Why You Should Van Security Slam Locks

If you’re in the market for a van security slam lock, you’ve come to the right spot. There are many options available that include the Hook lock, Catlocs and L4V slam lock. Read on to learn more about these popular locks and how they help protect your van. It will be easier to select the best lock for your van once you know what kind you require.

Armadillo lock

If you own a van, you might have thought about installing a slam lock. These van security devices will lock your vehicle when you close its doors. Additionally, you’ll be able unlock it from inside, even without a key, should you’d like to do this. These slam locks are usually mounted on the back doors, but they can also be used to stop van theft.

A deadlock or slamlock can be an ideal choice if you frequently drop off or use your van. Deadlocks are on the other hand can provide an additional layer of security by preventing a thief from starting the van. A tracking system can be used to locate your vehicle should it be stolen. This will allow police to locate your vehicle and recover it in the event of an emergency.

An Armadillo van security slamming lock can prevent vans from being accessed by force by keeping the van’s door shut. The van security slam lock consists of two components of the main structure and the door. These locks are designed for a difficult task to open, even with a strong force. They have proven to be extremely effective in preventing vehicle theft and are utilized by companies such as British Gas.

Hook lock

The van security slam lock is available for front side, back, and security locks for vans side doors. Van doors are often equipped with deadlocks which provide visual deterrence. Delivery drivers and couriers prefer hook locks over deadlocks. Hook locks are not required to be shut with keys unlike deadlocks. Below are a few advantages of hook locks for vans.

These van security slam lock locks are designed to work in a similar way to deadlocks, but are easier to use. Slam locks, unlike deadlocks, automatically lock when the van cab door thekeylab is shut. They do not require a spare hand to operate which makes them perfect for van security. They are also a common option for multi-drop deliveries as well as large-value loads. They can be used to protect the van’s interior and exterior from hijackings.

Hook locks are also easy to use. Hook locks are independent from the van’s locking mechanism, so only the driver has access to it. Hook locks are essentially an oversized bolt of 12mm wrapped around a bar of metal. Hook locks can also be utilized with the Vanlok key system. This lets van owners use a single key for unlocking all locks. These locks are ideal for companies that depend on van security.


A slam locking device is an excellent way to increase the security of your van. They automatically lock the vehicle once the door is closed. They don’t require keys, and are extremely secure. Another benefit of the slam lock, is that it requires you to open the door from inside, which stops van theft.

Catalytic converter theft is a major problem for car owners. However, there are many thieves who target this part of the vehicle. CATLOC(r), which is designed to safeguard catalytic convertorsthat are a vital part of a variety of vehicles, has been specifically designed for. The slam locks feature high security fixings and police-approved marking systems. The process of installing the lock typically takes between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the vehicle and the tools that you have available.

While the slam lock has many benefits, it may not be the best option for your vehicle. There are hook locks, deadlocks and guards, but which is the best choice for you? Find out more on the advantages of each by checking the Garrison Locks blog. This blog is the ideal place to start for those who want to know more about deadlocks. To determine which one is suitable for your vehicle It might be beneficial to go through the FAQs page.

L4V slamlock

The L4V van security slam locking system is one of the best locks available. The slam lock works by locking the van’s doors when the door is shut. The L4V Slamlock Key is required to unlock the van. The van security Slam lock comes with a replacement handle constructed of stainless steel. It is also powder-coated.

The L4V Slamlock is a van security system for delivery drivers, couriers and other commercial vehicles. It provides security and prevents the accidental unlocking of cargo doors during transport. The L4V Slamlock can also be used for side load doors. It is easy to install and has a high visibility appearance on the van. The L4V van security slam lock comes in various configurations to suit different business needs.

The L4V van security slam locks are installed as close to the door handle as is possible. They serve as an external handle, and are designed to prevent an unauthorized entry into the van. The handle outside does not grant access to the vehicle, but can be used to open and close the door. To take off the slamlock, it is possible to press twice on the remote button.

Armaplate Sentinel

The Armaplate Sentinel van security’slam’ locks are the top in vehicle security. Created to be a permanent fit, this van security product is a great value price. The Sentinel is made of high-grade stainless steel and shields the vehicle’s security from unauthorized entry.

Armaplates are especially useful for vans of small to medium size. Armaplates are a great way to stop van theft and break-ins. They are also more secure than expensive tools. Once installed, Armaplates are virtually impossible to remove , and are secured to the van with threaded studs. The cost of replacing certain tools is often more than the price of an Armaplate.

Van slam lock is also a great way to secure the catalytic converter in the van. This security measure will save your time and money, based on the number of people living in your van. Make sure your precious metals are protected with this van security gadget. A Sentinel Slam lock can provide security and reduce the time needed to replace damaged items.

You can find these security slam locks online. Make sure that you match the model of your van to get the correct lock for thekeylab it. It’s also important to buy from a reputable company with a good reputation in the industry. It’s well worth the investment and security. The Armaplate Sentinel van security slam locks are an excellent investment for your van.

Armaplate slam handle lock

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, Armaplate van security slam handles can make the difference between a simple repair or a costly replacement. Slam handles, unlike deadlocks, lock automatically when the van’s door closes. They don’t require an additional hands to operate. These locks are perfect for multi-drop couriers and operations with heavy loads. They are fitted on the cab of the van to prevent theft in parking areas and in traffic.

The armaplate safeguards the current lock barrel. Thieves can easily cut and break van locks. The Armaplate safeguards the barrel from theft by covering it with. The Armaplate van security handle locks protects the lock on the van as well as the skin that surrounds the door. Armaplate van Security Slam Handles are the ideal choice for fleet owners who wish to protect both the lock as well as the door.

Apart from providing an additional layer of security, Armaplates can also cover any damage to a van. This helps protect the door from costly repairs and provides additional security. A small 3mm hole in a van door is easily exploitable by a criminal however, thekeylab an Armaplate can prevent it from occurring. This cost savings can amount to hundreds of dollars in repairs. If you are required to replace your van’s door it’s worth the cost.

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