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5 Incredibly Easy Ways To Find Investors In South Africa Better While Spending Less

When you’re looking for investors in South Africa, there are numerous resources available. These include Angel Investment Network, Team Africa Ventures, Naspers Foundry and Mnisi Capital. These are all excellent options to source funding for your company. Listed below are some of the most well-known places to find investors in South Africa. Whatever industry you are in there are investors there who can offer funding for your company.

Angel Investment Network

The South African Angel Investment Network is an investment network that has more than 29,000 members and an investment capital of 8 trillion Rand. It has a particular focus on South Africa and features investors from all over the continent who are looking for a scalable business. Entrepreneurs can meet potential investors who are willing to offer a portion of their capital in return for an equity stake. This network is great for where to find investors in south africa business startups to finance their start-ups because there aren’t any conditions to the money to grow and there is no credit check.

The rise of angel investing in Africa has been remarkable and the country is home to a large number of angel investor networks. These networks are a growing industry in South Africa, with more investors pooling their funds to invest in early stage ventures. The ABAN website lists 10 local angel investors, and additional will be added in the near future. There are many reasons for this, the broader benefits of an South African angel investment network are obvious.

Team Africa Ventures

A group of Hollywood celebrities and entrepreneur Daniel Guasco co-founded the early-stage investment fund TeamAfrica Ventures. Founded in 2011, the fund invests in tech-driven businesses with enthusiastic founders from Southern Africa. The company also aims aid its entrepreneurs to become better people and measure results by the level of satisfaction they have of the businesses they build. Click2Sure is the first investment.

KnifeCap is a second venture capital fund manager. This Southern African growth equity fund manager is focused on creating jobs and expansion. They are committed to creating innovative businesses that can meet the needs of Africa. Their investments are led by strong management teams who are enthusiastic about the region. Team Africa Ventures currently has five members and two funds under its control. Team Africa Ventures invests in South Africa and is based in Cape Town.

Thandeka Xaba holds a Business Science degree in finance and accounting and has worked in corporate roles. GlamAlly was her first venture. She also worked in several companies and helped develop an incubator program to new tech startups. She was able to witness the transformative effects of business and aspired to use entrepreneurship as an agent for good. Despite this 60% of South African’s tech entrepreneurs are black.

Naspers Foundry

The Naspers Foundry is a South African investor that you could be looking for. The global Internet investment company invests in startups that tackle major social issues. Naspers Foundry’s investment ethos is to invest in companies in the early stages that have the potential to achieve high growth. The founders of companies that are part of the Naspers Foundry network get 10-30 percent stakes.

Although Naspers Foundry does not invest in startups outside of South Africa, its parent company is able to fund companies across the continent. The recent acquisition by Naspers of Webuycars valued at $94 million, could see South Africa’s tech sector investors looking for projects to fund in namibia explode. South Africa was once the undisputed leader in venture capital. However it was soon surpassed by Kenya and Nigeria. With this fund, Naspers might change the leader in financing startups back to South Africa.

Naspers Foundry’s recent investments include a R45 million investment in The Student Hub, a Cape Town-based on-demand earned-wage access platform. This investment marks Naspers Foundry’s third fintech investment. Since its inception in the year 2019, it has completed nine transactions.

Mnisi Capital

Mnisi Capital is a potential investment if you require funding for your business. This South African investment firm was established on November 4, 2020. Its identification number (K2020847462) is They collaborate with companies in many different sectors, including agribusiness, fast moving consumer goods, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Mnisi is adamant about helping to advance the interests of African communities as well as the ASM sector.

The South African startup ecosystem is one of the most sophisticated on the continent and has more investors than ever before. The government of South Africa has created a variety of incentives to help local entrepreneurs to attract international talent. Angel investors play a pivotal role in growing the pool of investable companies in the country. They can provide crucial resources and networks to young companies, allowing them to access capital to develop their business.

4Di Capital

4Di Capital is a South African seed and early-stage technology investment company. The company is based in Cape Town and invests in early-stage and seed companies in the enterprise, web and mobile industries. Its goal is to help promising start-ups and help them grow. Its portfolio comprises 19 companies. 4Di invests in companies at the beginning of their development and focuses on growth-oriented sectors like FinTech as well as Health-Care and private investor looking For projects to fund Insuretech.

The firm has been operating for more than 10 years. It invests in tech startups in both the beginning and the growth stages. The company has invested in companies like Aerobotics, Lumkani, and others. Aerobotics has a patent on drones that can detect fires in shacks. Lumkani has developed a system to allow people to pay for goods and then deliver them to those most in need. 4Di Capital is a prominent name in the local technology scene, with more than $1 billion in invested funds.


SnapnSave has grown rapidly since its debut in 2015. SnapnSave has seen a rapid growth in popularity since its launch in 2015. The app is now used by more than 350 000 users. The company is currently expanding its reach to Nigeria as well as other African and Asian markets. The funds will be used for expansion of its user base and for the next round of Series A financing. SnapnSave is looking for investors from both international and domestic investors to support its ambitious growth plans.

SnapnSave was bought by Kalon Venture Partners, an ex-grotech as well as Smollan Group SA (a retail solutions company). The deal was announced late this week, and the two companies have each invested R7 million in the company’s start-up. The SnapnSave app was created to provide consumers with cashback on their favourite products by allowing them to snap the image of their cash register slip and receive a percentage off the purchase.

Sun Exchange

The investment in the Sun Exchange can be a ideal option for solar cell projects to earn income. A person can invest as little or as much as ZAR60 depending on the size of the project. The minimum investment amount is ZAR80. Some people use solar cells to generate an annuity income, but others see it as a way to help others. These individuals are part an emerging trend in investing to benefit society which is growing in popularity among millennials and Generation Z. The Sun Exchange uses Bitcoin as payment method for transactions of a small amount.

Sun Exchange, a South African startup, has recently raised US$2.5million from UK-based private investor looking for projects to fund (https://www.5mfunding.com) equity firm ARCH Emerging Markets Partners. Sun Exchange also closed a R67 million Series A funding round. The technology allows anyone to purchase solar panels and lease them to schools, businesses as well as other organizations all over the world. It has been crucial in providing solar power to a number of schools and businesses across South Africa. After securing $4 million in Series A funding, it plans to expand internationally.

Online payment system Sun Exchange

Sun Exchange is an innovative company that uses Bitcoin to increase access to solar energy in South Africa. Through Sunex, individuals can purchase solar cells and receive returns in bitcoin or South African Rand. They also sell excess solar power back to schools in South Africa. What is The Sun Exchange work? The website allows users to invest in solar cells for as little as $5. All transactions are conducted in South African Rand or Bitcoin.

The Sun Exchange is an online payment platform that allows individuals and businesses to earn solar-powered dollars by leasing them to customers. The platform plans to expand into other African countries and is supported by an investment firm owned by billionaire Patrice Motsepe. The company raised $1.4 million to support the work of a Zimbabwean fruit farmer. It claims it is the largest crowdfunded project in Africa. Its mission is to support developers and entrepreneurs in improving the lives of people all over the world with its technology.

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