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  /  Neetu V Bansal

Neetu V Bansal

Marketing Coach,

Neetu V Bansal comes from a variant background hailing from a family business and stints with various Corporates and handling sales and marketing. This exposure to various verticals has created a patchwork of experience in business development, customer relationship management, SoHo segment, MNC and mid size organizations.

Ms. Bansal is the Director at Citrya Innovations Pvt Ltd. Citrya is a Martech Product Company, partnering with brands to engage their partners and customers through a mobile channel. Ms. Bansal brings in her market and business knowledge to productize the offerings, while addressing the expectations from market. Ms. Bansal has engaged with brands such as Bangalore International Airport, Columbia Sportswear, Kurlon etc. to extrapolate their brand experience into the mobile space. Additionally, she has also worked with some of the international brands such as Vogue, Burberry, D&G, and a Titan Partnership campaign (Raybans, Oakley, Vogue).